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State-of-the-Art Audience Intelligence

Audience Insights as Currency

How It Works


Our Chrome browser extension Reel Pass enables users to anonymously share their Netflix and other viewing data with our Reel Data Management Platform (ReelDMP) by modifying some of the Elements in the video player. For example, here’s a screen capture of “Bright” playing on Netflix in the Chrome browser with the JavaScript console opened for the viewer. 

Every Netflix extension such as Super Netflix, Netflix Categories, Super Browse for Netflix, and others operate in a similar way. The most important issue for us is to protect user privacy, and fortunately, no personally-identifiable data is collected. Here is a list of what we collect while you’re watching Netflix, YouTube TV, or other SVOD platforms.

  • The name of the movie, streaming series, or video ID number
  • If a series, then the season number and episode number
  • Your interaction with the video player's controls (Start, Pause, Stop)

Your Privacy Is Assured

The only identification that the Reel Data Management Platform has for any given user is the wallet ID provided when the Reel Pass token is installed in the user’s browser. We don’t ask for nor do we collect any PII on the user except for the KYC/AML data and the accredited investor questionnaire. Both of those processes are handled by a different company. Since we only know you by your wallet ID, you can trust that your viewing data can be shared without any possibility of your privacy being compromised.

The 30 Up Streaming Platform

The 30 Up streaming platform for movie trailers, commercials, and film shorts where viewers can earn REELs for watching ad-free content and convert REELs to cash once we hit our goal of 100,000 monthly views. Sign up at https://30up.tv.

Over 100 years of combined filmmaking experience

Our Founders and Advisors have worked on over 300 films including

Our Founders

Alex Ferguson

Chief Security Officer

Jeff Carr

Founder and Managing Director

Rez Khan, PhD

Co-founder and Lead Developer

Bianca Goodloe

Acting General Counsel

Nick Geoca

Software engineer

Joel Lambert

Actor, Co-founder, Member - Board of Governors

Our Advisers

Art Richards

Blockchain Advisor

Echo Charles

Video Production

J Allen Dove

Technology advisor, vCTO

John Baldecchi

Advisor and Member, Reel Cash Board of Governors

Lex Sokolin

Blockchain Futurist and Entrepreneur

Michael Maccini

Founder and CEO, Planet Rock Media

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“All new ideas begin in a non-conforming mind that questions some tenet of the conventional wisdom … Good ideas are not adopted automatically. They must be driven into practice with courageous impatience.”

Admiral Hyman Rickover wrote those words in 1963 in his essay “The Decline of the Individual“. In that spirit, we offer two documents that take a deep dive into what we are aspiring to with Reel Holdings, LLC and Reel Cash Black.